Sub­lime Text: How to install packages


You may not know how install pack­ages in Sub­lime Text. If that matches for you, this post is for you.

First of all, open Sub­lime Text. Then, in the ‘Tools’ menu, select ‘Install pack­age control’. 

install package control
Install pack­age control

This will install pack­age con­trol, which is neces­sary if you want to install pack­ages. When fin­ished install­a­tion, you will be promp­ted telling you that.

package control was successfully installed
Pack­age Con­trol was suc­cess­fully installed

Now, we are ready to install pack­ages. In the ‘Tools’ menu, select ‘Com­mand palette…’. 

open command palette
Open com­mand palette


package control: install package
install package 1
Install pack­age Step 1

and press <Enter>. This will make your edit­or search and read the sub­lime text pack­age repos­it­or­ies, and you will be promp­ted with the avail­able pack­ages. To install a pack­age, search for it by just start­ing to type its name, select it using the arrow keys and press <Enter>. This will install the desired package.

install package 2
Install pack­age Step 2

I hope this tutori­al was use­ful, if it was (or was­n’t) feel free to tell me in the com­ment sec­tion below.

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